The Poem that Made Imam Ahmed Cry

July 11, 2020 964 Views

Masjid DaaruSunnah Website: Twitter: Email: Subscribe to this channel for more content like this, and please give this video a thumbs-up and share it across all social media platforms. Abu Hurraira narrated that The Prophet ﷺ said: ❝Whoever invites to guidance will be rewarded like those who follow him in guidance are rewarded, and that will not decrease the reward of those who have followed him❞. [Collected by Imām Muslim] SUPPORT MASJID DAARUSSUNNAH: Terrorism in the guise of Islam Islam, Sunnah, way of the Salaf: This is the poem read to Imam Ahmed which made him weep greatly as mentioned in Talbis Iblis by Ibn al-Jawzi.

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